eDronica’s vision of being your engineering partner to acquire and transform data into useful information, in a way that helps to build a better understanding of the environment, includes developing cutting-edge technologies in one of the most inhospitable and challenging environments on earth: the deep sea.

eDronica has been developing different projects of oceanographic instrumentation, thanks to a team of highly qualified professionals. Our area of technological development in oceanography focuses on different systems, new technologies and tools to help oceanographic and aquatic science, from power systems, communications, control and data acquisition.

Our path began with the study of the behavior of light in the marine environment and the subsequent development of a programmable underwater lighting system with greater penetrability than conventional systems. After the prototype development and programming phase, the final details concerning temperature dissipation and pressure resistant housing design were addressed.

Another important aspect is the integration with the IEO photogrammetry towed platform, in addition to the modification and improvement of its system.

eDrónica implemented the hardware and software of the motor control system to govern the orientation of the oceanographic sled. Work also continued on improving the design of the lights and achieving greater efficiency, as well as other lines of work, including the development of deep-sea batteries.

The integration and customized control of different commercial cameras is another of the tasks carried out by our engineers, as well as the improvement in the synchronization of the flashes of both own and third parties (already existing in the initial platform), resulting in a system capable of taking 120 photographs per minute of the seabed.

Several improvements have been made in the communications system, software, synchronization, spotlights and all the aspects mentioned so far in order to achieve greater robustness.

In a new line of work, the central control system of the Landerpick prototype was developed in order to deploy/retrieve landers, with several motors for positioning, remotely actuatable hook and remote video feed to the ship in real time.  The external control platform (software, joystick and button panel) has also been developed for the ship’s command center, for both the sled and the landerpick.

The objective of eDronica’s developments is to provide concrete solutions to specific situations and to follow up each project from design to implementation. Our scope of work also includes on-site technical assistance, consulting and even the repair, modification and improvement of technical multi-brand equipment.