eDronica develops and integrates electronic, software and sensor technologies for different types of unmanned vehicles and monitoring systems, with applications on scientific research, oceanographic platforms, environmental monitoring devices and structural health monitoring engineering.
Our vision is to be your engineering partner in tranforming hard-to-get data into useful information that will help build a better understanding of the environment. Our mission is to do it by optimizing the data acquisition methods from the source.

Founded in 2016 by researchers from the University of Cantabria and the University of Alcalá, it inherits extensive entrepreneurial experience, scientific-technical knowledge in the areas of engineering, electronic technology, photonics, remote sensing and geographic information systems, as well as Drone/ROV knowledge and experience.

eDrónica winner of the award “Economía y empresa” UCEM 2016
Entrega de premios Repsol
Repsol awards, 2018

eDrónica has been distinguished as an innovative technology-based company by the “Asociación Nacional de CEEIs Españoles” (ANCES).

Certificado EIBT de ANCES
ANCES EIBT certificate

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