eDronica integrates and develops different Industrial & Scientific Marine/Submarine technologies for our customers, tested both on real scenarios.

eDrónica owns a modified Bluerobotics BlueROV2 platform, which is able to submerge to 50 mwd with a tether cable 100m (328 feet) long. It is a modified design with multiple improvements, for a comfortable and safe work.

  • Number of thrusters increased to 8, to improve load capacity and maneuverability.
  • Loading area for sensors and other on-board instrumentation.
  • Possibility of integration of custom electronics inside the control capsule.
  • Integrated triple camera with remote viewing to expand the inspection field up to 180º horizontally and 120º vertically.
  • Four LED spotlights to increase the amount of lighting.
  • Fathom tether spool with wireless PC connection. That allows to separate the control from the work zone.
  • Operation of the ROV by wireless controller.

On the other hand, eDrónica develops its own equipment to satisfy the needs of its clients.

High power multipurpose 24L3S LED spotlight

High performance underwater spotlight developed to meet mixed needs for flash for photo capture and continuous lighting for video acquisition.

  • Reduced dimensions 88mmx80mmx80mm (LxWxH, without connector)
  • Up to 3000 meters deep (option of capsule in aluminum or stainless 316L)
  • Rated working voltage 11-13V, overcurrent and overvoltage protection
  • Configurable continuous lighting power up to 120W, 12000 lumen
  • Configurable pulse flash lighting power 340W, 30000 lumen
  • Configurable via RS485 modbus
  • Light intensity regulation via RS485 modbus, PWM control or analog signal control
  • Input signal to trigger flash pulse, maximum rate 2 pulses/second