Edronica offers different services with a fleet of aerial drones that can adapt to all types of needs:

– DJI Quadricopter  Phantom 3

– DJI Hexacopter  S800 (4Kgr payload, up to 20 minutes flight time)

– DJI Octacopter  S1000 ( 6Kgr payload, up to 15 minutes flight time)

– Bormatec Ninox (1 meter wingspan, 900gr total weight, 200gr payload, up to 25 minutes flight time)

– Bormatec Maja ( 2.2 meters wingspan, 3Kgr total weight, 500gr payload, up to 60 minutes flight time)

Aditional Equipment

eDronica offers several high-resolution RGB on-board cameras (up to 16Mpx), a four-channel Parrot Sequoia multispectral camera, and a FLIR VUE Pro thermal camera, fully integrated and verified in several aerial drones. We also have a high resolution VIS-NIR spectrometer system and a DLP NIR spectrometer for taking very precise measurements, whose technology is state of the art.

Parrot Sequoia
VIS-NIR Spectroscopic System